About Us

BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland's staff is dedicated to giving you the highest quality BMW motorcycle experience. Whether it's service, sales, parts, apparel, or accessories we are here to serve the BMW rider community.

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Dealer Principle: Dale Kramer

Since our opening in 2005 BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland has grown to become Ohio's largest exclusive BMW motorcycle dealer. As the premier BMW motorcycle dealer in Ohio, we are dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality products, sales, and service. From the moment you contact us, our goal is to provide you the very best BMW motorcycle experience. Please let me, or any member of our team, know how we can assist you with any of your motorcycling needs.

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Real Dealer Principal, Accounting, and Apparel Specialist: Nancy Kramer

No matter what Dale thinks, Nancy really runs the place. Nancy has taken over the showroom and apparel. When it comes to knowing what you need to keep you protected at the price you want...no one knows it like Nancy. From jackets & pants to gloves & helmets, Nancy is here to help you find just the right riders' apparel.

image of Aaron Aufderheide

BMW Certified Level III Technician & Service Advisor: Aaron Aufderheide

As you can tell from the expression on his face, Aaron is serious about maintaining your BMW motorcycle. He is an avid cyclist and spends his weekends tearing up the trails. With over 11 years experience working on BMW's Aaron is meticulous and thorough when working on your cycle. If it has two wheels Aaron can fix it. When it comes to the best service with attention to detail give us a call.





Semi-Retired Parts Specialist: Robert Blackiston

Bob is like the bunny. He keeps going and going and going. Bob first joined us in March of 2006! Although he officially retired a couple years ago, he is here every Friday and Saturday to keep his hand in the game. Most of you know Bob and those that don't should.





BMW Certified Level III Technician: Mel Battig

Mel has over 9 years wrenching on cycles. He brings multi-talented skills to our service deaprtment. Whether you have a vintage cycle or the latest model Mel has the knowledge and ability to maintain your cycle.


Parts, Apparel, & Accessory Associate: Matt Tulino

Magic Matt joined us in March of 2019. Since he started he has worked wonders in our parts, accessory, and apparel departments. If you are looking for the right part for your new or classic BMW or Royal Enfield. Matt's your man. Need a communicator for your helmet or an accessory for your motorcycle. Matt's your man. Want a helmet that fits right or the correct piece of apparel for your riding style. Matt's your man. Come meet our man Matt. He'll take good care of you!


Shop Dogs: Sammy, Max and Beemer

What could be better than bringing your dogs to work? Sammy is no longer with us, but Max would love to meet you. You can't miss her. She is the one with the friendly smile and her tail wagging. If she's not out in the showroom or chasing you down the drive, look for her in Dale's office. Beemer is our latest model to hit the showroom floor. He's got four-on-the-floor and is as fast as can be. Come on over to meet him. His tail will be wagging for you!

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