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A red low suspension F650 Twin was just what Pam wanted. She drove up from Louisville with husband Drew and drove home with her new cycle.

"May 2016
Hello, I have recently purchased my first motorcycle from your location and was incredibly impressed with the service. The motorcycle I purchased was the R1200R, and drove it off the lot at the beginning of this month.
Primarily, I worked with a salesman named Ben. He was incredibly helpful and informational not only in regards to the choice of bikes, but the company as a whole. I also met and picked the brain of an employee named Aaron. He was also incredibly helpful, answering all of my technical questions and offering his assistance and insight moving forward, should I need.
Dale, I also really appreciated your flexibility with scheduling my first oil change. Your attention to detail and extensive customer service proves why this BMW location will continue to carry my business moving forward.
I thought that these actions and positivity within your establishment should not go unnoticed. Thank you for your continued help and assistance, and I hope to see you all soon!
By: Robert    Cleveland,OH

"March 2014
Just an overall exceptional experience - these guys are great and I will absolutely continue to send referrals... "
By: Rob    Aurora,OH

"January 2014
Thanks for hosting a good seminar and for your hospitality - coffee, donuts, lunch, etc. I think everyone enjoyed getting out and talking about riding even though the snow stopped us from riding. "
By: Mickey    ,OH

"January 2014
Thank you, Dale, for being a gracious host today. Lunch was great and to have just a chance to be so close to motorcycles and those that ride on such a bad weather day is getting me through the winter!"
By: Jim    Medina,OH

"June 2013
I had to take the time to tell you how good Adam is. I had worked with another BMW dealer (where I bought my 2004 R1150GSA in 2004 - you weren't open yet) to get the "one tooth less" front sprocket for Pam's 2009 F650GS. Ordered it from the other BMW dealer and had Adam install it last Saturday. He finds out that the OEM is 17 teeth and the sprocket the other dealer sold me is 15 teeth. So not "one tooth less". Of course that makes the chain reach the limit on it's adjustability without shortening the chain.
So Adam is going to remove the 15 tooth and I will send it back and Adam is going to find me a 16 tooth, which is what I need.
So I have lost confidence in the other dealer and Adam is my #1 service guy.
Thanks for all you do, and who you hire.
By: Walt    Russell,OH

"May 2013
I recently visited the dealership looking to make a trade. I quickly met Dale, and he was by far the best salesperson I ever had the pleasure to work with. I've owned my fair share of motorcycles and worked with enough salespersons to feel comfortable stating that Dale stands out among them all. He took a lot of time to address any of my questions and concerns, he checked around to help find the best possible trade in amount for my bikes, and he offered to me the opportunity to take an extended test ride to get a better feel for the bike I was interested in purchasing. Despite not purchasing the bike I came to test (which was simply based on my personal preference in what I was looking for in my next bike), I feel compelled to write this testimonial on behalf of Dale and this dealership. Dale's professionalism and genuine care and concern in helping his customers make a good decision truly stands out in my mind. While I did not end up making a purchase this time, I'm certain that I'll be back before too long, next time leaving with my first BMW! Sincerely, Steve"
By: Steve    Fredonia,PA

"February 2013
Holly and I were treated like royalty! I do enjoy coming to your dealership and being treated like family."
By: Jim    Farmington,WV

"January 2013
Dale, Just a short note to say thank you for the great experience once again. Aside from the 26 degree ride home, which was painful to say the least, I can tell I'm totally gonna have a blast on this thing... It's very capable and is much more comfortable than i imagined. Please relay to Bob and the crew that they did a wonderful job and that your dealership experience will keep me riding BMW for many years to come. "
By: Jon    North Royalton,OH

"January 2013
After not getting a timely response on a new-purchase inquiry from a close-by dealer, I drove from Pittsburgh to Aurora since Dale Kramer and his team were kind enough to allow my wife and I to test drive K 1600 GTL and then I soloed on a K 1300 S. He even stayed open late on the weekend for me on what was a perfect riding day. Prior to my visit Dale was extremely friendly and helpful with looking around the country on certain option sets with the K 1300 S. I'm still torn about switching from a pure sport bike to a sport touring model and not sure about my decision but if I purchase any BMW it will definitely be from BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland. Thanks!"
By: Rich    Pittsburgh,PA

"March 2012
Thanks for everything, Dale! If I can find my yahoo account sign-on I will debunk the idiots who whined about your store. I drove from Roanoke, Va. to get my cycle from your store. I will do it again when I get my next one. "
By: Michael    Roanoke,VA

"February 2012
Thank you to Dale and the rest of his team BMW Motorcycles Ohio. Delightful people to work with. Old fashioned quality where a promise is a promise. Don't hesitate to do business with these guys.
By: Michael    Boulder,CO

"July 2011
It makes a difference when only one local dealer has the complete product line, the clothing line, coffee, bottled water, clean rest rooms, ice cream, weekly cookouts, guest speakers, seminars, dealer-led rides, and a great staff (AND, I've probably left something out.) Combined with the excellent facilities you have provided and everyday comfort and amenities at BMWMOC, I'm just grateful you are within handy driving distance as I'm sure are many, many, happy customers. "
By: Charles    Strongsville,OH

"June 2011
Dale Kramer and BMW MOC are an asset to BMW Motorrad. He really cares about his customers and goes to extreme lengths to make sure you're happy. Overall an excellent experience. Oh - and I LOVE my GTL!!!
By: Ray    Broadview Hts,OH

"May 2011
Taking all the time the customer needs, even when you're busy, is what sets you apart from the rest of the dealers I have visited recently. I had a great experience at BMW MOC and couldn't be happier with my new bike. "
By: Eric    Chardon,OH

"January 2011
I purchased a 2010 R1200GSA 30th Anniversary model from BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland in August of 2010. I don't have a local BMW dealer and had searched all over the country trying to find the bike with the exact specs I wanted. It just so happened that Dale's shop had it in stock and the reviews I had read on his dealership were all very positive so I decided to go for it. I was quite nervous since I live in Florida and was buying a bike I had not seen, from a dealership I had never been to, and having it delivered by a company I had never dealt with. To top it all off the bike would be received and signed for by a friend and riding buddy and it would be five weeks after delivery before I would even get home to see it in person. With all the possible negative outcomes and worries that kept running through my mind I have to say that the whole experience turned out perfectly. Dale Kramer made everything extremely smooth and painless. He was honest, extremely patient with my questions and requests, and made sure I was kept up to date on everything that was going on. I have to say that it was one of the easiest, most professional, and most pleasant transactions I have ever been involved in. I wish I was close enough to use them for service, since I have to believe they would exhibit the same honesty and professionalism after the sale as during. I would not hesitate to purchase another bike from Dale and BMW of Cleveland and look forward to doing so in the not so distant future.
By: John    Milton,FL

"October 2010
I have to say that I enjoyed my experience at BMWMOC. Everyone makes you feel at home and Dale was very good to work with not only in the purchase but also with some follow-up service that was done on my bike. I just wanted to express my appreciation for him working with me in getting everything taken care of. "
By: Rick    Lexington,OH

"September 2010
A couple of weeks ago I called the day before a trip to try to get a tank and tail bag for my S1000RR. I had just decided to take the BMW and took a flyer on the call. Boy, am I glad I did. Although they did not have any in stock, they had just received one of each for another customer. They offered to call the customer to see if he would let me have it so that I could go on the trip. The customer agreed (thank you to him too). This is a great story but it is even better that I did not buy my bike here nor had I ever been at the dealership. Outstanding customer service which will have me going back to this dealership. Thanks a bunch guys. They also have a great selection of riding gear and apparel. Well worth the trip to Aurora. "
By: Eric    Doylestown,OH

"September 2010
I wanted to express the satisfaction I received from the service department. As I left the dealership, I could tell the bike was running like it was brand new. Each shift brought a very precise and smooth gear change. The feeling was one of satisfaction with having received the best technical care for my bike. Thank you Dave Carlson and Dan Licker. Thank you for the excellent service. "
By: David    Butler,PA

"September 2010
They are impressively responsive and supportive of their customers--thanks.
By: Michael    Edinboro,PA

"September 2010
Thanks for all the great help! I'll be back."
By: Brad    North Royalton,OH

"September 2010
I really appreciate your fitting me in with an early Saturday appointment and am impressed that your service department can handle repairs on other makes with the same skill and efficiency as you do BMW's.
So thanks again! The bike is great, and it's something that both the wife and I have had a lot of fun on so far. Down the road I'll be back for another "it's all about me" bike, rest assured, as you guys are such a class act. I'll see you again!
By: Randy    New Castle,PA

"August 2010
Everyone at this dealership goes out of their way to make you feel at home. "
By: Gregory    Cuyahoga Falls,OH

"August 2010
Dale, I can't begin to tell you how nice I was treated today. It was a great experience. Your service department, Bob, yourself, the whole thing just went flawlessly.
You run a first class operation.I am very glad I purchased the GS from you.
I continue to be impressed with your service. I will do my part and spread the word.
By: Rod    Williamstown,WV

"July 2010
Dealership is first class, very knowledgeable. "
By: Scott    Medina,OH

"July 2010
I was quite impressed with service availability, completion on time, and work well done.
By: Jack    Stow,OH

"May 2010
Great Dealership! Customer always treated with respect and courtesy;"
By: David    Pittsburgh,PA

"April 2010
After reading the other testimonials I decided to do a better job. Dale was the only dealer to contact me for an advance sale of the much awaited S1000RR. I tried to order one from another dealer but it was too soon to accept my deposit. I never heard from a second dealer. Out of the blue, Dale's shop emailed me the instant they could accept the order and BMW immediately built my S1000RR to my specifications down to options and color. Unlike other customers, I have found it beneficial to maintain a low profile, so my bikes are generally understated. The ability to order this machine was invaluable. This is the first time I was able to have a machine constructed to my desires and needs. I have owned over fifty motorcycles and purchased twenty new models. I am an enthusiast NOT a biker. I am not brand loyal, I choose my bikes for specific performance and can not buy a better bike than the BMW at this time. I will be back, turning in my road king for a big touring bike in the near future to go side by side with my superbike. I feel I am the recipient of excellent customer service and absolutely no pressure. Dale found a way to exact perfect financing - everyone is a winner at this dealership. Despite the distance, this will continue to be my dealer. I will drive right past one dealer to get to this one. Trust is hard to find in the vehicle business and I find no reason to look further. In the meantime, I am in awe of the exacting engineering and performance that is inherent in this bike.

P.S. "It is hard keeping the bike under 7000 rpm for the first 600+ miles, but this is by far, the most user friendly motorcycle I have ever ridden. Other powerful bikes take a while to keep at the speed limit, not so with the S1000RR. I used the throttle one time in first and got chest pains, it was the gas tank coming up fast...cannot wait until it is broke in....BUY ONE, quick, before they are gone. I have waited all my life for this bike, and I am not disappointed.""
By: Les    woodsfield,OH

"March 2010
Thanks for the information. As you would expect, I can’t wait for the day to come to your shop and ride that machine home! In any case, thanks for the smooth transaction and casual care regarding the trade and sale. You and your staff are a tribute to the BMW trademark. "
By: James    Erie,PA

"Novemeber 2009
Greetings from beautiful Pulaski Township! I wanted to send you a short note and tell you how much I am enjoying the RT and how much I appreciated getting to know you and do business with you. It's been a pleasure for me all around, and it's been reassuring to see that there are still motorcycle shops out there that are run by enthusiasts instead of accountants. We joked about your wonderful little friend Maxie, but seeing her hanging out made a difference to me and goes a long way in setting a welcoming tone to your dealership that the one closer to me lacked. Thanks, and you'll see more of me because of how you treated me. "
By: Randy    Pulsaski Township,PA

"October 2009
Hey Guys,
Just a note to thank you for the Open House. Great chocolate chip cookies, and hot cider. This was my first open house and hopefully not my last.
I ended up at your dealership after having problems with my brakes in my 2003 R1150RT. Another dealer told me it would cost mega bucks to fix. Dave and Woody fixed me up. Very good, honest people. Thanks again! "
By: Ken    New Castle,PA

"October 2009
Dale, I have been buying & selling cyclces for the past 40 years. My experience with your dealership has been the greatest. You make your customers feel important- as you should in a retail business. You have been sincere & honest in all of our negotiations- and I appreciate that. I hope I can be a repeat customer."
By: Ernest    Torrington,CT

"August 2009
I always feel welcome at BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland and they are accomodating of my schedule and moto trips. I plan to continue my business relationship with them.
By: David    Waite Hills,OH

"August 2009
We were very impressed with the dealership and the entire purchase transaction. We would definitely buy from this dealer again in the future.
By: Pam & Drew    Louisville,OH

"July 2009
Dale was extreemly polite, helpful and patient. I used to ride Honda and had some reservations about BMW mainly because of the price. But after leaving the store I feel that I have received the value for every dollar I've spent with Dale and BMW. Great job!
By: Edward    Orange Village,OH

"June 2009
Excellent price and excellent sales service. Dale gave us the best deal we could find in a highly competitive area. We have changed our preferred dealeship to BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland as a result. If the Service department is anything like the Sales Department, we are in for a long, enjoyable relationship.
By: Angel & Ken    North Canton,OH

"June 2009
By: Scott    Medina,OH

"June 2009
I detest shopping for a new car. I avoid it at all cost. However, I was treated as a customer should be. Never did I feel pressured to decide immediately. Robert Blackiston, the sales advisor greeted me and put me at ease. I did not feel any pressure, attitude or the feeling he was being interupted. He answered all questions without rush or pressure. At the appropriate time he gathered my contact information which suprisedly I was glad to give. He introduced me to Dale Kramer the owner in whom I felt equally at ease. Throughout the process I felt MY business was wanted and my needs met. Don't get me wrong, I paid a fair price. I wasn't haggled and neither did I try to rake him to the bottom line. I understand he needs to make a profit, which he did, but neither did I walk out of the showroom feeling I had been raped. It was a gentlman's deal. Done politely and I feel both parties were satisfied. Now only if cars could be so satisfying.
By: David    Butler,PA

"June, 2009
Dale and his sales staff and technicians were great. I felt that Dale really worked to make the sale without being pushy. He understood my concern about the bike being too tall for my five foot height and found shocks that lowered the bike another two inches. He then found someone to customize the kickstand for the lowered bike. The technicians did a great job putting on the shocks and I feel safe and comfortable on my new bike. I would highly recommend dealing with BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland to anyone seriously interested in purchasing a BMW motorcycle. "
By: Susan    Creston,OH

"June, 2009
I would highly recommend BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland to anyone."
By: John    Sagamore Hills,OH

Dale was very flexible and helpful in finding the exact bike that suited my needs. The entire experience was very positive and enjoyable. The R1200RT I purchased is all that I had hoped it would be and I am enjoying every minute of riding. Since the purchase, Dale and his staff have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about accessories and service. I offer the highest recommendation.
By: Robert    North Ridgeville,OH

My experience at BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland matches the high quality of the motorcycle itself. "
By: William    Cleveland Heights,OH

Dale and the rest of the staff at BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland were wonderful during the entire selection and sales process. Despite the fact that this was my first motorcycle purchase, everyone was very patient and anwered all my questions without hesitation."
By: Kyle    Kent,OH

The owner has extensive product knowledge, top notch dealership, very easy to do business with. I've always bought Honda's until I met Dale and my new BMW F 650 GS.
By: Scott    Medina,OH

"Just a quick note of appreciation on your parts dept. Since you are closed on Monday, I contacted another dealer to source a valve shim. They said they had them, so I drove the hour to buy it. Turns out they actually don't stock them, and wasted my time. No apology, no acknowledgement of their incompetence in the matter. I'm sure they figured "it's a shim, no big deal" but it DOES matter. I appreciate the fact that you keep basic items in stock, and your counter person treats me in a respectful manner, even if I'm just buying a .99 washer to finish a job correctly. Small details make a big difference in specialty retail. Sometimes a $10 part in stock can build the goodwill to sell a $15,000 bike in the future. "
By: Jason    Brunswick,OH

"Great sales service. Willing to take time to make sure I understood how the bike works. More attention to details than I've experienced in any other motorcycle purchase from any other brand."
By: Dwayne    Elkview,WV

"I financed a motorcycle from BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland the first week of August,2007. I did not go to the dealer with a purchase in mind, I went because I saw a BMW RT1200R on the internet and wanted to get a closer look however, when I got to the dealer I saw another bike and decided on go ahead with what I saw. The treatment I received was very professional. In fact, I believe that I was waited on my the owner and within an hour of completing the application the deal was closed. This was a Friday, and the bike was delivered promptly on Saturday at the specific time I was told."
By: Neville    Painesville,OH

"If you're reading this you are probably shopping dealerships. Well stop shopping and get in here. There is no other dealership anywhere near here to consider. Dale is the coolest guy. The service department is great. The mechanics know what they're doing and you can eat off the floor in the shop. I've bought parts here and they brought them to my house so I wouldn't have to drive across town to pick them up. I've had repair work done here and they did a great job. They treated me fairly. They picked up my bike. They explained everything. And the bike ran like new. Then I decided I wanted another bike. In Septermber 2006 I started shopping. Dale let me test drive a number of bikes. I didn't buy one then. He kept in touch. I kept in touch. He returns calls. When you go in to the dealership to shop, no pressure to buy. Dale doesn't hover trying to sell you anything. He just answers your questions and then leaves you alone to look and sit. For as long as you want. He's very accomodating. He's offered more than once to stay after hours to let me come to the showrooom and for service. The guy just seems completely down to earth. He's fun and funny and very professional. It's a great place to buy and to visit. Yes as someone else said they have fresh coffee going all the time and donuts too. It's cool!! It's a great experience all the way around. I bought a bike in April 07 and I got a great price on my trade. Patronize this place most definately. They deserve the business. "
By: Mike    Lakewood,OH

"We bought our first bike here, and it was a very pleasant experience the whole way through. Excellent transaction! Very informative, professional sales and service! Thanks you Dale.... Jason & Tammy Speicher"
By: Jason    wooster,OH


I want to thank you and your men for the fine service and hospitality you showed myself and my husband. We were the couple from Austin TX traveling for three weeks and needed an oil change. Your people took us in first thing in the a.m., treated us to some fine coffee YOU made and doughnuts! Congratulations on your opening and we wish you much success!

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to BMW North America

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you out of disgust for an alleged service center myself and my husband had the displeasure of communicating with.

Having three weeks to tour on our BMW K1200LT it was time for an oil change. Aside from having a hard time locating a service /dealership center, we had the mis-fortune of taking on advise from another cycle shop to check out ----'- BMW in Ohio.
I called ahead to this so called service center and was very disappointed when talking to the owner/technician. This person was rude, condescending, & inhospitable to say the least! He was not agreeable to any service to our bike unless we could get there within the hour. We were still 2 hrs. out from his shop and we would of camped overnight if need be. This Man assumed we expected him to stay after hours to service our bike. Granted we were traveling through and would not have kept him long. Nevertheless I hung up.
This individual should not be allowed the honor of having the BMW emblem on or near his shop. He should not be allowed to even say BMW.
We chose to look further for service and were able to locate a newer business in Aurora OH. BMW Motorcycles Of Cleveland. Great bunch of guys! We were treated with respect and with interest! Major Kudos to those men. All of them!
As motorcycle riders we met many nice people during our trip through OH. Surprisingly most of the local riders we talked with were aware of this ----'- and admitted having a hard time dealing with this business and its owner. We were shocked at how someone could remain in business representing BMW in such a negative way!
We even ran into a fellow traveling rider at a rest area outside of Dallas Texas who said he just wouldn’t deal with this business/owner. He knew who we were talking about! Amazing!
We bought our BMW because of the positive feedback from fellow owners, performance, and beauty of the machine and the sheer comfort of the ride! Plus the friendly service we witnessed ourselves, and were told by other BMW owners.
To allow this individual to even touch a BMW is a disgrace! This individual does NOT represent BMW in a positive light! I suggest five people from your company just try and get service done at this shop and see what kind of hospitality they get!
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Connie Conner "
By: Connie & Derrell Conner    Creedmoor,TX

"As the guys at the dealership can tell you, I am a professional skeptic. I ask questions, and more questions and then I get more skeptical. Yep, I bought a new bike from these guys... and I was skeptical Yep, I've had a huge amount of work done on a bike there... and I was skeptical Yep, I buy accessories there... and I've been skeptical But at the end of the day I must thank this organization for their outstanding customer service, second-to-none repair facility and staff, ability to please the professional skeptics out there and their unfailing follow-up on any issue I've ever brought to them. They've helped me keep my 32 year old BMW running as nicely as my new one, put safety gear on my back that's truly saved my skin and just plain been a good bunch of guys to hang out with on occasion. Not to mention they sold me a killer new bike! Thanks again guys! Bill Brown"
By: William     South Euclid,OH

"My husband and I just purchased a 2006 K1200GT yesterday. I got the privilege of riding it home :) Dale personally handled the purchase. He carefully completed the paperwork, reviewed the warranty and all systems on paper, then did the same on the bike. While it took quite a while, Dale was thorough which resulted in us getting good information. Dale never once looked at the clock despite the fact that it was past closing time before we were ready to take the bike home. We are very happy with Dale and his dealership. I am also thrilled with the bike. Who knows ... I may give up my Harley?!"
By: Michelle    Highland Heights,OH

"You are the only dealer around this area that knows much about electrically heated clothing for use on motorcycles."
By: William    Grafton,OH

"It was on a warm SUNDAY afternoon that my clutch cable on my 01 RT decided to break. I got the bike on a trailer and back to a friend’s house in Chardon and gave BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland a call at about 15 minutes after their closing time. They answered the phone and Dale told me that he would wait for me to bring him the bike. There he was 1 hour or so later with a smile on his face and helped me un-load the bike and push it into the service area. Took down some information and sent me on my way. This was all done after his full day at the dealership. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t know of a place that would even answer the phone after closing, and volunteer to hang around for 1 hour or so for you to show up."
By: Mark    Lyndhurst,OH

I would like to express my appreciation for a very positive and supportive buying experience yesterday, April 8. I was first impressed by how friendly and "at-home" you and your people made me feel. The product and merchandise were presented nicely. Made you want to buy!
Your dealings with me on the Trade-in were very fair and your manor was like a partner in helping me get a fair trade. I was treated in a professional manner and that made the difference in my getting to the next step of agreeing to go further in the purchase process.
You worked with me in listening to what I wanted and needed in a R12200RT. Then you showed me the unit that exactly fit what I had wanted. But also, you had spec's some items that I may not have done at first!
I very much like the R1200RT you chose.
Secondly, your Service Manager was involved right after our initial dealings. He listened to more of what my riding style was and my history and what I might need in accessories.
Thank you for offering suggestions and solutions; I feel very good about the over $1,000.00 in Accessories I purchased!
Not since I purchased my first BMW an R50 in 1970, have I felt as excited and comfortable with the sales process.
As a Cleveland Peterbilt Fleet & Vocational Sales person. I learned a great deal from you on how the Purchase and especially the delivery Process should be done! I intend to follow your example in my process to selling and delivery of new trucks!
Your Delivery process with you Dale going over the R1200RT was nothing short of excellent! The small things you shared with me made me feel like I was introduced to my new motorcycle as if the motorcycle and I were new friends not strangers!
The fact that you reminded me of the new tires needing "scrubbed" and how cold it was was not only very thorough but appreciated in my excitement of riding off that day!
Thank you for a very satisfying experience in your Dealership!
By: Tim    Mentor,OH